Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What does the tattoo ink consist of?

Our ink is made from natural, non-toxic plant-based ink. Ingredients: soybean oil, Genipin ink.

Are semi-permanent tattoos okay for everyone?

We do not recommend our tattoos to people suffering from eczema, rashes, and/or other dermatological issues. We recommend trying a small tattoo design on the first application to test your reaction to the ink. In case of an adverse reaction, see a doctor.

How does it actually work?

The tattoo is applied on clean, dry skin using water. The tattoo is generated after a period of 24-48 hours, which means that at first, the tattoo will be hardly visible, but over time it will darken black.

How long will the tattoo last?

The tattoo should last 1-2 weeks after application. It depends on what area you apply the tattoo and how you take care of it.

How can I make my tattoo last as long as possible?

Taking care of your tattoo will ensure that your tattoo lasts as long as possible. The most important thing is to avoid rubbing the tattoo as much as possible. This means, for example, when washing, do not scrub the tattoo but rather wash gently by hand. The same when drying – do not scrub the tattoo with your towel rather gently pat dry it. After washing, we recommend gently applying your favorite moisturizing body lotion on the tattoo.

Can I expose my tattoos to the sun?

Yes, of course, you can. The sun has a minimal effect on tattoos.

Can I swim in the pool/beach?

Yes, of course, you can. The tattoo is 100% waterproof.

What if I want to remove the tattoo from my skin early?

Because the tattoo lasts so long, it is difficult to remove it forcibly. However, you can speed up the removal by exfoliating the tattooed skin.

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