Top 5 summer vibe tattoos

Help bring on your summer mood with these tattoos! Are you ready for summer vibes? We picked out our top 5 tattoos that you have to try this summer!

1. The sun

The sun is a no-brainer if you want to bring out your summer mood! If you love the sun, why not have it on your skin? The sun gives us energy, happiness and opens up so many options for summer adventures!

2. Bikini

Summer is bikini season! We all love them! Girls in bikinis are like goddesses! Not only are they beautiful at the beach, but they can also decorate your skin! A motive that will never be out of style! 

3. Waves

Do you love the beach and waves? Are you a surfer at heart? Then decorate your skin with beautiful waves so you can feel more connected to the ocean!

4. Butterfly

Butterflies symbolize the peak of summer when everything is blooming and beautiful! Butterfly tattoos go way back and you honestly cant go wrong with them! They look great on anyone! Also has an unlimited amount of options for placement!

5. Birds

Many wonderful birds fly in to announce the arrival of spring and stay with us all through summer. Are you also like a bird that is constantly looking forward to summer?

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